Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hating the crowd noise

Few are the people that can draw a crowd of sincere admirers. It requires one to take stands with the marginalized and to bravely pursue a sense of right. Drawing a a crowd brings risk because some crowds end up bringing their own agenda to the meeting. Until yesterday these crowds often became hateful but rarely harmful. Now many are quick to express a new rhetorical hatred pointed at the perceived incivility of American politics. The problem is that even these raw emotions can grow and eventually spiral out of control.

Amidst the angry noise of crowds wisdom still whispers. This wisdom is capable of speaking only when we are willing to stop and listen. As many express a sense of “hating the hatred”, these whispers are from the one who once drew his own crowds mixed with admiration and ire. Just as the crowds turned on him, and then on each other, his message to “love your enemies” seems ever so timeless, necessary and elusive.